9th Swiss Geoscience Meeting, Zurich 2011


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  FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 11: Plenary lectures: Life and Planet Earth


SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13: Bernoulli-Matter Symposium

Meetings of Societies



Symposium Sessions, Saturday November 12th

ETH-Z, NO-Gebäude & ML Gebäude, Zurich


  1. Structural Geology, Tectonics and Geodynamics.
  2. Mineralogy-Petrology-Geochemistry
  3. Low-Temperature Isotope Geochemistry
  4. Perspectives on batholith formation and evolution in 4D
  5. Geomorphology
  6. Quaternary Research
  7. Understanding and evaluation of soil functions (CANCELED)
  8. Hydrology and Sustainable Water Resources Management in View of Global Changes
  9. Open Cryosphere Session
  10. Meteorology and Climatology
  11. Greenhouse Gases: Linkages between Biosphere and Climate
  12. Natural or man-made mineral dust and its influence on humans, environment and climate
  13. Phenology and Seasonality
  14. Traces of life on planet Earth: A tribute to the late Professor Lukas Hottinger
  15. Geoscience and Geoinformation - From data acquisition to modelling and visualisation
  16. Earth System Science related Earth Observation
  17. Synergies between Advancements in Geodesy and other Geosciences
  18. Advances in GIScience and Remote Sensing
  19. Natural geohazards (CANCELED)
  20. Deep Geothermal Energy
  21. Geophysics and Rockphysics


Session 1: Structural Geology, Tectonics and Geodynamics.
Room ML D 28

Convenors: Neil Mancktelow, Guido Schreurs, Paul Tackley

Chair: Paul Tackley
08:30-08:45 Gerya, T. 3-D numerical modelling of oceanic spreading initiation
08:45-09:00 Crameri F., Tackley P., Meilick I., Gerya T., Kaus B. Causes of single-sided subduction on Earth
09:00-09:15 Rolf, T., Coltice, N., Tackley, P. Thermal evolution in a spherical convection model with plate generation and mobile continents
09:15-09:30 Lechmann S. M., May D. A., Kaus B. J. P., Schmalholz S. M., Hetényi G. Comparing thin-sheet to fully 3D models with application to the India-Asia collision
09:30-09:45 Frehner, M. The neutral lines in buckle folds
09:45-10:00 Ruh J., Kaus B.J.P., Burg J.-P. Effect of single and multiple décollement layers on thrusting dynamics in fold-and-thrust belts
10:00-11:00 Morning Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Guido Schreurs
11:00-11:15 Pfiffner O. Adrian Structure of the Helvetic nappe system of the Swiss Alps and adjoining France and Austria.
11:15-11:30 Bauville A., Epard J.-L., Schmalholz S. A simple thermo-mechanical shear model for the Morcles fold nappe
11:30-11:45 Peters M., Herwegh M., Wehrens P. Spatial distribution of quartz recrystallization microstructures across the Aar massif
11:45-12:00 Härtel M., Herwegh M. Linking titanium-in-quartz thermometry and quartz microstructures: strong evidence of continued vein formation during strain localization
12:00-14:00 Lunch
Chair: Neil Mancktelow
14:00-14:15 Pec M., Stünitz H., Heilbronner R. Slow pseudotachylites
14:15-14:30 Baillieux P., Schill E., Moresi L. Development of permeable structures in Graben systems – geothermal reservoirs in the Upper Rhine valley
14:30-14:45 Pirouz M., Simpson G., Bahroudi A., Azhdari A., Neogene sediments and modern depositional environments of the Zagros foreland basin system
14:45-15:00 Antić M., Kounov A., Trivić B., Peytcheva I., von Quadt A., Gerdjikov I., Serafimovski T., Tasev G. Unravelling of continued magmatic activity along the Serbo-Macedonian massif since the Precambrian (south Serbia, southwest Bulgaria and Macedonia)
15:00-16:00 Afternoon Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Jean-Pierre Burg
16:00-16:15 Reitsma M., Spikings R., Schaltegger U., Ulianov, A. A late Paleozoic back-arc basin on the western Gondwana margin: age and geodynamic setting of Permo-Carboniferous sedimentary rocks of South-East Peru.
16:15-16:30 Buchs D., Bagheri S., Martin L., Hermann J., Arculus R. The role of seamount subduction in the evolution of convergent margins: constraints from the Paleo-Tethys suture zone in Iran
16:30-16:45 Van der Lelij R., Spikings R., Ulianov A., Chiaradia M. Did Laurentia and Gondwana play terrane tennis in the Palaeozoic? The implications of a Iapetus convergent margin in the Merida Terrane, Venezuela
16:45-17:00 Cochrane R., Spikings R., Wotzlaw J. Apatite ID-TIMS U-Pb Thermochronology: An example from southern Ecuador.
17:00-17:15 Ruiz, G.M.H., Negro, F., Babault, J., Frizon de Lamotte, D., Stuart, F., Stockli, D., Foeken, J., Thomsen, T. Tectono-thermal evolution of the Atlas system (SW Morocco), insights from low-temperature thermochronology and Raman spectroscopy on carbonaceous material
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Posters Session 1:
Room NO D-floor – Focus Terra


Global & Planetary

1.A.1 Leone G., Gerya T., Tackley P.J., Moore W.B. Evidence of transition tectonic regime as seen at Hi’iaka and Zal regions on Io.
1.A.2 Li Y., Deschamps F., Tackley P.J. Thermo-chemical convection in sperical geometry:influence of core's size
1.A.3 Tackley P., Ammann M., Brodholt J., Dobson D., Valencia D. Effect of rheology on mantle dynamics and plate tectonics in super-Earths
1.A.4 Yao C., Deschamps F., Tackley P., Sanchez-Valle C. Thermal convection in the outer layer of icy satellites

Subduction, Lithosphere-scale

1.B.1 Baitsch Ghirardello B., Nikolaeva K., Stracke A., Gerya, T.V. Pb, Sr and Nd in intra-ocean subduction zone: 2D geochemical-thermo-mechanical modeling
1.B.2 Duretz T., Gerya T.V., Spakman W. Long term evolution of subduction-collision systems: numerical modelling
1.B.3 Liao J., Gerya T. Extension of chemically stratified mantle lithosphere: numerical modeling
1.B.4 May D. A. Decoupled and coupled multilevel preconditioners for problems in elasticity and variable viscosity Stokes flow
1.B.5 Zhu G., Gerya T.,Tackley P., Kissling E. Crustal Growth at Active Continental Margins : Numerical studies

Shear zones etc.

1.C.1 Kilian R., Heilbronner R., Stünitz H. Quartz microstructures and crystallographic preferred orientation: which shear sense do they indicate?
1.C.2 Maeder X., Trullenque G., Drury M., De Bresser H. Texture development and hybrid deformation mechanisms in fine grained calcite aggregates deformed in direct shear: constraints from electron backscatter diffraction analysis
1.C.3 Maeder, X., Ghisleni R., Michler J. Plastic deformation of quartz micropillars under uniaxial compression at room temperature
1.C.4 Maeder, X., Schmalholz S., Bauville A. Control of temperature, pressure gradient and flow law on the formation of crustal-scale shear zones: results from 1D thermo-mechanical modeling
1.C.5 Misra S., Burg J.-P. Mechanics of kink-bands during torsion deformation of muscovite aggregate
1.C.6 Pleuger J., Zwingmann H., Manser M. & Mancktelow N. K-Ar dating of some synkinematic clay fault gouges from Neoalpine faults
1.C.7 Précigout J., Hirth G. The Origin of Olivine B-type Fabric in naturally deformed Peridotite: insight from the Ronda large-scale Mantle Shear Zone (Spain)
1.C.8 Thielmann M., Rozel A., Kaus B., Ricard Y. Grain size evolution in 2D numerical simulations: Implications for lithospheric localization
Alpine Studies  
1.D.1 Abednego M. & Vouillamoz N., Wust-Bloch H.G., Mosar J. Nano-seismology on the Fribourg Lineament - Switzerland
1.D.2 Beltrán-Triviño A., Winkler W., von Quadt A. Triassic magmatism recorded by detrital zircons in pre-alpine sedimentary units
1.D.3 Campani M., Mulch A., Kempf O., Schlunegger F. & Mancktelow N. Paleotopography of the Miocene European Central Alps
1.D.4 Cardello G.L., Mancktelow N. Fault architecture at the brittle-ductile transition in sedimentary rocks – examples from the SW Helvetics (Swiss Alps)
1.D.5 Egli D., Mancktelow N. Dextral movements between the Pennine Front and Mont Blanc massif in the Courmayeur area
1.D.6 Mauri G., Negro F., Abdelfettah Y., Vuataz F-D., Schill E. Multi-disciplinary study for the exploration of deep low enthalpy geothermal reservoirs, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
1.D.7 Psimoulis P., Feng L., Newman A., Stiros, S., Moschas F., Lycourghiotis S., Farmer G. Strong rupture and postseismic response of the 8 June 2008 Achaia-Elia earthquake in Western Pelopennese, Greece
1.D.8 Ragusa, J., Ospina-Ostios, L.M., & Kindler, P. Fault-controlled formation of a primary turbiditic channel within the Gurnigel Flysch at the Voirons Massif (Haute-Savoie, France) during the Late Eocene.
1.D.9 Scheiber T., Pfiffner O.A., Schreurs G. Large-scale geometry and structural evolution of the Bernhard nappe complex, Valais, Switzerland
1.D.10 von Tscharner M., Schmalholz S. 3D FEM modeling of fold nappe formation in the Western Swiss Alps
Extra-Alpine Studies  
1.E.1 Bagheri S., Madhani-Fard R., Zahabi F., Javadi-Zadeh L. Kinematics of Doruneh Fault in central Iran: two different behaviors since Eocene time
1.E.2 Bejaoui J., Samaali M., Baccouche S., Reguigui N., Ben Hamouda M. F., Azzouz Z., Trabelsi A., Bouhlel S. & Salim B. New information on radionuclides concentration in phosphorites originating from Tunisia and Algeria
1.E.3 Bouilhol P., Jagoutz O., Hanchar J.M., Dudas F.O. Constraining collision events through arc magmatic record: The India / Arc / Asia collision
1.E.4 Buchs D., Baumgartner P., Pilet S., Cosca M., Flores K., Bandini A. Petit-spot-like volcano exposed in Costa Rica
1.E.5 Eugster P., Nagel S., Castelltort S., Kaus B. J. P. Basin Dynamics in Taiwan
1.E.6 Haghipour N., Burg J-P., Kober F., Zeilinger G., Ivy-Ochs S., Kubik P., Faridi M. Active crustal shortening in the Makran Acrretionary Wedge (SE, Iran) revealed by deformed fluvial terraces
1.E.7 Kais Aridhi , Sabri Aridhi , Mohamed Abdoullah Ould Bagga , Saâdi Abdeljaouad , Fouad Zargouni  and Eric Mercier Paleogeographical restoration and ramp tectonic evidence in Tunisian Tellian domain: Ain El Bey-Bou Awen area (northwestern Tunisia).
1.E.8 Mandal S K., Burg Jean-Pierre., Haghipour, N. Link between topography and large-scale tectonics of Southern India: A preliminary study based on river profile analysis
1.E.9 Ruiz, G.M.H. Direct versus indirect thermochronology: What do we truly trace? An example from SE Peru and its implication for the geodynamic development of the Andes
1.E.10 Tin Tin N., Winkler W., Mario N., Albrecht von Q. Provenance studies in sands and sandstones from the Bay of Bengal, Myanmar
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Session 2: Open Session in Mineralogy-Petrology-Geochemistry
Room ML H 44

Convenor:Bernard Grobéty

Chair: Bernard Grobéty
08:30-08:45 Mewes K., Picard A., Rühlemann C., Kuhn T., Kasten S. Biogeochemical processes in sediments of the manganese nodule belt in the equatorial NE Pacific Ocean
08:45-09:00 Buret Y., Kouzmanov, K. Polymetallic mineralization in the Laki mining district Southern Bulgaria: Paragenesis and fluid evolution
09:00-09:15 Greber N.D., Hofmann B.A., Pettke T., Voegelin A.R., Villa I.M., Nägler T.F. Mo isotope composition of Mo-rich hydrothermal systems in the Aar Massif
09:15-09:30 Moritz R., Mederer J., Ovtcharova M., Selby D., Chiaradia M., Popkhadze N., Gugushvili V., Migineshvili R., Melkonyan R., Tayan R., Vardanyan A., Havokimyan S., Ramazanov V., Mansurov M.

Major Cu, Au and Mo deposits of the Lesser Caucasus: Products of diverse geodynamic settings

09:30-09:45 Mederer J., Moritz, R. The Kapan zone of the Somkheto-Karabakh island arc in the Lesser Caucasus: magmatism and ore deposits associated with Neotethys subduction
09:45-10:00 El Korh A., Schmidt S.Th., Vennemann T., Ulianov A. Evidence for trace element mobilisation in garnet-phengite eclogitic veins along a metabasite-micaschist contact during HP conditions: an example from the Ile de Groix, France
10:00-11:00 Morning Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Bernard Grobéty
11:00-11:15 Seifert R., Malfait W.J., Petitgirard S., Sanchez-Valle C. Density of alkaline magmas at crustal and upper mantle conditions by X-ray absorption
11:15-11:30 Hunziker D., Burg J.-P., Bouilhol P., Omrani J. Percolation and impregnation of a plagioclase-rich melt into the mantle-crust transition zone of the Makran ophiolites, SE Iran
11:30-11:45 Ardia P., Withers A.C., Hirschmann M.M., Hervig R.L. C-O-H solubility under reduced conditions in a haplobasaltic liquid: implications for Mars degassing
11:45-12:00 Wotzlaw J.F., Schaltegger, U., Frick D.A., Hüsing S.K., Bindeman, I.N., Hilgen, F.J., Günther D. Application of high-precision U-Pb geochronology to igneous petrology and stratigraphy: Potential and limitations
12:00-12:15 Charilaou M., Löffler J.F., Gehring A.U. Probing solid-solution formation via magnetic freezing dynamics
12:15-14:00 Lunch
Chair: H.B. Mattson
14:00-14:15 Bouvet de Maisonneuve C., Dungan M., Bachmann O., Burgisser A. Petrological insights into shifts in eruptive styles at Volcán Llaima (Chile)
14:15-14:30 Mattsson H.B., Bosshard, S.A. Pyroclast textures in the explosive 2007-2008 eruption of Oldoinyo Lengai, Tanzania: Implications for magma ascent and fragmentation
14:30-14:45 Marsala A., Wagner T., Wälle M., Heinrich C. Mass transfer processes and fluid composition of metamorphic quartz vein systems, Rhenish Massif (Germany)
14:45-15:00 Martinek K., Wagner T., Wälle M., Heinrich Ch. Fluid chemistry and fluid-rock interaction of Alpine veins, Central Alps
15:00-16:00 Afternoon Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Lukas Baumgartner
16:00-16:15 Mullis J., Tarantola A. PVTX evolution and reequlibratin of prograde and retrograde fluid inclusions in diagenetic and metamorphic rocks, Central Alps, Switzerland.
16:15-16:30 Miron G.D., Wagner T., Wälle M., Heinrich C.A. Fluid composition and mineral equillibria in low grade metamorphic rocks, Bündnerschiefer, Switzerland. Application of fluid inclusions and petrological modeling.
16:30-16:45 Baumgartner L.P., Floess D., Podladchikov Y., Foster C.T. Some consequences of mechanical and diffusional closure in garnets
16:45-17:00 Gasser, D., Bruand, E., Rubatto, D., Stuewe, K. The behaviour of monazite: a petrological, trace element and SHRIMP U-Pb study of greenschist facies phyllites to anatectic gneisses, Chugach Metamorphic Complex, Alaska
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Posters Session 2:
Room NO D-floor – Focus Terra

P 2.1 Arlaux Y., Poté J., Thévenon F., Loizeau J.-L. Recent increase in Uranium Concentration in Lake Geneva Sediments: increased Inputs or enhanced chemical Precipitation?
P 2.2 Banerjee S., Robyr M. Monazite and Allanite’s textural evolution from lower to higher grade pelites of Miyar Valley, NW India
P 2.3 Berghuijs J.F., Mattsson H.B. Explosion intensities and fragmentation modes of the Loolmurwak and Eledoi maar volcanoes, Lake Natron – Engaruka monogenetic field, northern Tanzania
P 2.4 Beridze T., Khutsishvili S., Popkhadze N., Moritz R., Gugushvili V. Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Cretaceous host-rocks of the Madneuli gold-polimetallic deposit, Lesser Caucasus, southern Georgia, A new approach
P 2.5 Felix H., Mullis J. Evolution of composition, temperature and pressure of fluid inclusions through the NEAT Lötschberg base tunnel
P 2.6 Fulda D. Geology of Piz Duan: an oceanic sequence in the Avers schists, Grisons
P 2.7 Gauthiez L., Bussy F., Ulianov A., Gouffon Y., Sartori M. Ordovician mafic magmatism in the Métailler Formation of the Mont-Fort nappe (Middle Penninic domain, western Alps) – geodynamic implications
P 2.8 Hashemi Azizi S.H., Mirab Shabestari G.R., Khazaei A.R. Geochemistry of Paleocene-Eocene limestones from Ching-dar syncline, west of Birjand, east of Iran
P 2.9 Hauser A., Müntener O. New age constraints on the opening of the Piemont-Ligurian Ocean (Tasna-Nauders area, CH-A)
P 2.10 Hovakimyan S. Origin and Paleotectonic Conditions of Formation of Ore-Containing Fractures of the Lichk-Aygedzor Ore Field of Southern Armenia, Lesser Caucasus
P 2.11 Hunziker D., Burg J.-P., Reusser E., Caddick M., Grolimund D. The influence of bulk and mineral ferric/ferrous ratios on thermobarometry of the Syros/Sifnos blueschists: Towards a new thermodynamic model for high pressure amphiboles
P 2.12 Kayani S.-A. X-ray diffraction and thermal analyses of a bangle shard from an Indus valley settlement
P 2.13 Klumb A., Franz L., Wetzel A. & de Capitani C. Petrographic and sedimentologic investigations of boulders of the river Wiese (southern Baden-Württemberg, FRG)
P 2.14 Martin L.H.J., Schmidt M.W., Hametner K., Mattsson H.B., Günther D. Element partitioning between immiscible carbonatite- and silicate melts from 1-3 GPa
P 2.15 McCarthy A., Müntener O. The Petrology and Geochemistry  of the Civrari-Southern Lanzo Ophiolite, Piemonte, Western Italian Alps
P 2.16 Mert M., Mercan S., Gurler A.S., Sahin M.F., Aksoy N., Durmus K., Crime Scene Investigation And Forensic Mineralogy Applications At Gurpinar (Istanbul – Turkey) Murder
P 2.17 Monsef I., Rahgoshay M. Geochemistry and petrogenesis of the Dehsheikh Peridotitic Massif (South of Iran)
P 2.18 Monsef R., Emami M. H., Rashidnejad Omran N. Sr, Nd, and Pb isotopic constraints on the origin of the central Iran linear volcanic chains
P 2.19 Moulas E., Misra S., Burg J.-P., Kostopoulos D. Na-bearing garnets with oriented lamellar inclusions – are those majorite precursors? A case study from the Rhodope Massif (Greece)
P 2.20 Müller F., Mullis J. Investigations of fluid inclusions in quartz crystals in the dolomitic rocks of the Binn-Valley, Swizerland
P 2.21 Nievergelt, P. Stratigraphic successions in the Avers unit, southern Grisons, and comparison with the Tsaté nappe, W Alps
P 2.22 Ortelli M., Kouzmanov K., Wälle M. Minor and trace elements controlling the visible and near-infrared light transmittance of wolframite, pyrite and enargite
P 2.23 Popkhadze N., Beridze T., Moritz R., gugushvili V., Khutsishvili S.  Main volcano-sedimentary Lithofacies at the Cretaceous Madneuli copper-gold polymetallic deposit, Lesser Caucasus, Georgia
P 2.24 Serneels V., El Kateb A. Provenance of imported basaltic millstones in Switzerland during Roman times.
P 2.25 Siegel K., Wagner T., Trumbull R., von Quadt A., Jonsson E., Heinrich C. A. Isotope geochemistry of the Varuträsk pegmatite (northern Sweden)
P 2.26 Tayan R., Harutyunyan M., Hovakimyan S. Main Features of the Tectonic Pattern of the Zangezour Ore District of Southern Armenia, Lesser Caucasus
P 2.27 Tomé C.M., Tornos F., Seo J.H. Fluid inclusion evidence for magmatic-metamorphic fluid interaction in the copper-gold Sultana deposit at Huelva, Spain
P 2.28 Tornare E., Müntener O. Dunite formation in the Lanzo peridotites, Italy: a morphological, petrological and geochemical study.
P 2.39 Tumarkina E., Podladchikov Y., Connolly J.A.D. The coupling of deformation and reaction kinetics in the case of positive volume change reactions
P 2.30 Vardanyan A. Geological Setting of the Drmbon Copper-Gold Deposit, Nagorno Karabakh Republic, Lesser Caucasus
P 2.31 Zurfluh F., Hofmann B., Gnos E., Eggenberger U., Preusser F. When did the large meteorite shower Jiddat al Harasis 091 arrive on Earth?
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Session 3: Low-Temperature Isotope Geochemistry
Room NO D 45

Convenors: Andrea Voegelin, Elias Samankassou

Chair: Elias Samankassou
09:00-09:20 Giorgioni M., Weissert H., Bernasconi S., Hochuli P., Coccioni R., Keller C. Late Albian Carbon Isotope Stratigraphy and new Insights into mid-Cretaceous Paleoceanography
09:20-09:40 Kocsis L., Gheerbrant E., Mouflih M., Cappetta H., Ulianov  A., Amaghzaz M. Geochemical composition of marine vertebrates from Sidi Chenanne (Ouled Abdoun Basin, Morocco)
09:40-10:00 Grauel, A. L., Schmid T. W., Hu B., Bergami C., Capotondi L., De Lange G. J., Zhou L., Bernasconi S. M. Calibration and application of the ‘clumped-isotope’ thermometer to foraminifera for high-resolution climate reconstructions of the last 500 years from the Mediterranean Sea
10:00-10:20 Millán M.I., Bernasconi S.M., López-Horgue M.A., Iriarte E., Weissert H. Clumped isotope analysis of Pozalagua hydrothermal dolomite system (N Spain)
10:20-11:00 Morning Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Igor Villa
11:00-11:20 Wille M., Sutton J., DeLeon A., Ellwood M., Eggins S., Maher W. Invited: Silicon isotopic fractionation in marine sponges: A model for understanding silicon isotopic variations in sponges
11:20-11:40 Nägler T.F., Neubert N., Böttcher M.E., Dellwig O., Schnetger B. Molybdenum scavenging from anoxic waters of the modern Black and Baltic Seas
11:40-12:00 Voegelin, A. R., Nägler, T. F., Neubert, N., Heri, A. R., Pettke, T., Schlunegger, F., Steinmann, M., Pourret, O., Villa, I.M. Molybdenum isotopes in river water: sources, fractionation processes and their importance for Mo cycling in the marine environment
12:00-14:00 Lunch
Chair: Igor Villa
14:00-14:20 Pretet C., Nägler T.F., Villa I.M., Böttcher M.E., Samankassou E. Barium isotope fractionation in carbonates
14:20-14:40 Jiskra M., Wiederhold J.G., Bourdon B., Kretzschmar R. Solution speciation controls mercury isotope fractionation during sorption of Hg(II) to goethite
14:40-15:00 Wiederhold J.G., Bourdon B., Kretzschmar R. Mass-dependent and mass-independent fractionation of stable mercury isotopes as tracer for anthropogenic pollution in the environment
15:00-15:20 Schmassmann S., Fricker M., Günther D., Fleitmann D. Forest use and damages recorded by trace elements and stable isotopes in recent speleothems from Milandre cave (JU)
15:20-16:00 Afternoon Poster Session with coffee
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Posters Session 3:
Room NO D-floor – Focus Terra

P 3.1 Keller C.E., Hochuli P.A., Weissert H., Bernasconi S.M., Giorgioni M., Garcia T.I. A volcanically induced climate warming and floral change preceded the onset of OAE1a (Early Cretaceous)
P 3.2 Keller C.E., Weissert H., Hochuli P.A., Bernasconi S.M., Giorgioni M., Garcia, T.I. In the Tethys Ocean black shales commonly formed prior to Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a (OAE1a, Early Aptian, ~120 Ma ago)
P 3.3 Smith,R.S., Wiederhold, J.G., Jew, A.D., Brown, G.E., Bourdon, B., Kretzschmar, R. Mercury Isotope Fractionation as Biogeochemical Tracer in Ore Waste
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Session 4: Perspectives on batholith formation and evolution in 4D
Room ML H 37.1

Convenors: Roel Verberne, Katharina Vogt and David Floess

Chairs: Katharina Vogt, David Floess, Roel Verberne
08:45-09:15 Blundy, J., Annen, C., Caricchi, L. Piecemeal Assembly of Shallow Crustal Magma Bodies (Keynote)
09:15-09:30 Melekhova, E., Annen, C., Blundy, J. Andesite production in a deep crustal hot zone
09:30-09:45 Mantegazzi, D., Sanchez-Valle, C., Driesner, T., Reusser, E.  The thermodynamic properties of saline-rich aqueous fluids at elevated P-T conditions from Brillouin spectroscopy measurements in a diamond anvil cell

Pistone, M., Carrichi, L., Ulmer, P., Mancktelow, N., Reusser E., Burlini, L.

Rheology of Volatile-rich Crystal Mush
10:00-11:00 Morning Poster Session with coffee
Chairs: Katharina Vogt, David Floess, Roel Verberne
11:00-11:30 Menand, T. Physical controls and depth of emplacement of sills and plutons (Keynote)
11:30-11:45 Wagner, T., Hennings, S., Heinrich, C., Ulmer, P. Fluid evolution of the Monte Mattoni mafic complex, Adamello Batholith, northern Italy
11:45-12:00 Schubert, M., Driesner. T., Gerya, T., Ulmer, P. Injection of Mafic Magma as Trigger for Felsic Intrusion Processes
12:00-12:15 Keller, T., Kaus, B. The importance of visco-elasto-plastic rheology in numerical modeling of two-phase flow
12:15-14:00 Lunch
Chairs: Katharina Vogt, David Floess, Roel Verberne
14:15-14:30 Yoshinobu, A. Magma Emplacement Tectonics: What can we learn from the oceans, ophiolites and arcs? (Keynote)
14:30-14:45 Weidendorfer, D., Mattsson, H., Ulmer, P. Hybridization processes in a partially crystallized magma chamber (Austurhorn intrusion, SE Iceland): Multiple magma mixing scenarios
14:45-15:00 Schaltegger, U., Broderick, C., Wotzlaw, J., Ovtcharova, M., Schoene, B. Timescales of pluton emplacement – insight from high-precision U-Pb dating
15:00-16:00 Afternoon Poster Session with coffee
Chairs: Katharina Vogt, David Floess, Roel Verberne
16:00-16:30 Pattison, D., de Capitani, C., Gaides, F. Petrologic consequences of variations in metamorphic reaction affinity  (Keynote)
16:30-16:45 Pomella, H., Klötzli, U., Scholger, R., Stipp, M., Fügenschuh, B. The tonalitic lamellae along the Giudicarie fault system: a multidisciplinary study
16:45-17:00 Reverman, R., Fellin, G., Herman, F., Willet, S. Tectonic exhumation and relief development of the Alps: constraints from the Adamello Complex
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Posters Session 4:
Room NO D-floor – Focus Terra

P 4.1 Broderick, C., Schaltegger, U., Frick, D., Günther, D., Brack, P. A detailed reconstruction of emplacement and crystallization sequence in the Southern Adamello Batholith, N. Italy using the potential of accessory minerals
P 4.2 Dymkova, D., Gerya, T., Podladchikov, Y. 2D numerical modelling of fluid and melt percolation in the subduction zone
P 4.3 Floess, D., Baumgartner, L., Brack, P. Thermal evolution of the Western Adamello contact aureole
P 4.4 Hürlimann, N., Müntener, O., Ulmer, P. Trace-element partitioning in post-plutonic dike-suites S-Adamello (N-Italy)
P 4.5 Leuthold, J., Blundy, J., Holness, M. Trace elements geochemistry and experimental petrology as novel approaches to understand reactive flow through the Rum layered intrusion: preliminary results and perspectives
P 4.6 Mettasch, S., Baumgartner, L. Cordierite growth textures in the Permian sequence of the Adamello contact aureole, Italy
P 4.7 Nandedkar, R., Ulmer, P., Müntener, O. Liquid line of decent from olivine-tholeiite to granodiorite at 0.7 GPa
P 4.8 Putlitz, B., Ramirez de Arellano, C., Ovtcharova, M., Müntener, O. Textures and chemistry of zircons: implication on the interpretation of U-Pb zircon ages from observations of the Chaltén Plutonic Complex (Argentina)
P 4.9 Skopelitis, A., Bindeman, I., Ulianov, A., Brack, P., Schaltegger, U. Tracing episodic magma accretion by U-Pb dating and 18O/16O isotopes in zircon: the case of the Adamello batholith, Italy
P 4.10 Stamper, C., Blundy, J., Melekhova, E., Arculus, R.

Experimental determination of the hydrous basalt liquidus: The Grenadan perspective

P 4.11 Verberne, R., Ulmer, P., Müntener, O. Field relations and consequences for emplacement of the Listino Ring Structure, Adamello Massif, N-Italy
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Session 5: Geomorphology
Room NO C 44

Convenors: I. Gärtner-Roer, M. Bollschweiler, R. Delaloye, C. Graf, N. Kuhn, S. Morard

Chair: Isabelle Gärtner-Roer
08:50-09:10 Bennett, G.L., Molnar, P., Eisenbeiss, H., McArdell, B.W. Probabilistic modeling and analysis of rock-slope failure in the Illgraben, Switzerland, 1963 – 2005
09:10-09:30 Stoffel, M., Trappmann, D., Schneuwly-Bollschweiler, M. When science meets practice: Dendrogeomorphic documentation of rockfall trajectory frequencies, bounce heights and energies along a road in Valais
09:30-09:50 Champagnac J.-D., Molnar P., Sue C., Herman F. Tectonics, Climate, and Mountain Topography
09:50-10:10 Savi S., Schneuwly-Bollschweiler M., Stoffel M., and Schlunegger F. Coupling – decoupling hillslope – channel system processes: a case study from dendrogeomorphology.
10:10-11:00 Morning Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Michelle Schneuwly-Bollschweiler
11:10-11:30 Meusburger K., Steel A. , Panagos P., Montanarella L., Alewell C. Spatial and temporal variability of rainfall erosivity factor for Switzerland
11:30-11:50 Trauerstein M., Norton K. P., Schlunegger F., Preusser F. Climatic imprint on landscape morphology in the western escarpment of the Andes
11:50-12:10 Ambrosi C., Castelletti C., Soma L. Quaternary Geologic Map of Osogna (Ticino), sheet 1293
12:10-12:30 Caviezel C.,  Kuhn N.J. Mass wasting in the Ursern valley (Switzerland): climate or land use change?
12:30-14:00 Lunch
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Posters Session 5:
Room NO D-floor – Focus Terra

P 5.1 Barboux C., Delaloye R., Strozzi T., Christophe L., Raetzo H., Collet C. InSAR Terrasar-X visibility assessment of moving landform monitoring in alpine periglacial environment: 30 case studies in the Valais Alps (CH)
P 5.2 Bekaddour, T., Norton, K.P., Schlunegger, F. Dip direction controls of bedrock on channel morphologies and denudation rates in the eastern Swiss Alps
P 5.3 Büchi, M., Kober, F. Landscape Evolution of the Hörnli-region: Landforms, Processes and Rates
P 5.4 Dürst Stucki M., Schlunegger F., Christener F. Deepening of inner gorges trough subglacial meltwater -  an example from the UNESCO Entlebuch area, Switzerland
P 5.5 Juretzko G., Meusburger K., Alewell C. Suitability of Cesium-137 and USLE for soil erosion assessment in an Alpine valley (Val Piora, Switzerland)
P 5.6 Khaksar K., Farboodi M. Land Subsidance And Fissuring Due To Groundwater Withdrawal In The Neyshaboor Plain-Northeast Iran
P 5.7 Kuhn N. J.  Teaching with Tolkien: environmental analysis of a fantasy world
P 5.8 Moore J.R., Gischig V., Katterbach M., Loew S. Crack air convection and resulting temperature disturbances at depth in an alpine rock slope
P 5.9 Sorg, A. , Rösch, A., Bolch, T., Shatravin, V.I., Solomina, O.N., Schneuwly-Bollschweiler, M., Stoffel, M. Reconstruction of rock glacier activity in Northern and Inner Tien Shan based on tree rings and aerial photographs
P 5.10 Tisato N., Sauro F., Bernasconi S.M., Bruijn R., De Waele J. Hypogenic contribution to speleogenesis in a predominant epigenic karst system: a case study from the Venetian Alps, Italy
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Session 6: Quaternary Research
Room NO C 60

Convenors: Florian Kober, Susan Ivy-Ochs, Naki Akçar, Irka Hajdas

Chair: Florian Kober & Naki Akcar
08:30-08:45 Ariztegui D, Zvi Ben Avraham, Agnon A., Brauer A., Goldstein S., Haug G., Ito E., Stein M., Yasuda Y., Lazar M., Waldmann N. & the DSDDP Scientific Team Filling gaps on the shrinking/swelling tale of the Dead Sea through continental drilling
08:45-09:00 Fleitmann D., Badertscher, S., Cheng, H., Edwards, R.L., Leuenberger, M., Zumbühl, A., Tüysüz, O. Stalagmite evidence for a highly dynamic Pleistocene hydrological history of the Black Sea
09:00-09:15 Scheidegger Y., Vogel N., Fleitmann D., Brennwald M.S., Figura S., Wieler R., Kipfer R. Water concentrations in stalagmites as a potential new paleoclimate proxy – first results from two Holocene stalagmites from Socotra Island (Yemen)
09:15-09:30 Kwiecien O., Randlett M-E., Stockhecke M., Tomonaga Y., Unwin K. and the PALEOVAN scientific team Paleoenvironmental changes in eastern Anatolia over the last 500 ka – first insights from the Swiss side of the ICDP Lake Van Drilling Project
09:30-09:45 Häuselmann A., Schmassmann S., Cheng H., Edwards L.R., Jeannin P.-Y., Häuselmann P., Fischer M., Fleitmann D. Nature and Timing of Terminations I and II recorded in stalagmites from Switzerland
09:45-10:00 Hidalgo Staub R., Krüger Y., Marti D., Frenz M., Fleitmann D. Fluid inclusions in stalagmites used as a quantitative thermometer in paleoclimate research
10:00-11:00 Morning Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Susan Ivy-Ochs
11:00-11:15 Gierga M., Smittenberg R.H., Bernasconi S.M., Hajdas I. & Wacker L. The chronology of Lake Soppensee (Switzerland) using a biomarker and a compound-specific isotope approach
11:15-11:30 Kind J., Hirt A.M., Gehring A.U. Evolution of the magnetic inventory in a lacustrine system since the late Pleistocene
11:30-11:45 Plotzki A., May J.-H., Preusser F., Roesti B., Veit, H. Late Pleistocene to early Holocene fluvial dynamics in the southeastern Llanos de Moxos, Bolivian Amazon
11:45-12:00 Schweizer M., Darling K., Austin W.E.N. Phylogeographic and morphological study of North East Atlantic benthic foraminifers
12:00-12:15 Moernaut J., Van Daele M., Heirman K., Vandoorne W., Pino M., Urrutia R., De Batist M. The recurrence pattern of megathrust earthquakes in South-Central Chile: semi-quantitative paleoseismology using lake sediments
12:15-14:00 Lunch
Chair: Irka Hajdas
14:00-14:15 Heer A., Veit H., Bateman M.D., Adamiec G., Hajdas I., May J.H. New findings concerning quartz properties important for luminescence dating of sediments in the Swiss NW Alpine foreland.
14:15-14:30 Reber R., Akçar N., Zahno C., Lüthold A, Tikhomirov D., vy-Ochs S, Kubik P.W., Schlüchter C. Exposure ages from erratic boulders on the northwestern flank of Rigi (Switzerland)
14:30-14:45 Tikhomirov D., Akçar N., Özkaymak Ç., Alfimov V., Ivy-Ochs S., Sözbilir H., Uzel B., Schlüchter C. Reconstruction of seismic events using cosmogenic 36Cl: An example from the western Anatolian Province of Turkey
14:45-15:00 Longchamp C., Derron M.-H., Jaboyedoff M. Preliminary observations of small scale experiments for the characterization of large rock avalanches
15:00-16:00 Afternoon Poster Session with coffee
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Posters Session 6:
Room NO D-floor – Focus Terra

P 6.1 Brönnimann D., Ismail-Meyer K., Wild D., Ohnsorg P., Rentzel Ph. Oncoids, charales, and homogeneous silt: reconstruction of lake level and environment in the city of Zurich (Switzerland) between the Iron Age and Late Antiquity
P 6.2 Corella J. P., Anselmetti F. S., Loizeau, J.-L., Girardclos S. Sedimentology and geomorphology of the Rhone delta canyons (Lake Geneva, Switzerland-France)
P 6.3 Dietrich F., Golay A., Verrecchia E. P., Cailleau G. Calcium pools and sinks : the oxalate-carbonate pathway in tropical FERRALSOLS
P 6.4 Donadini F., Serneels V., Kapper L. Preliminary archeomagnetic results from Korsimoro, Burkina Faso
P 6.5 Hajdas  I., Michczynski A. From Soppensee to Altai and New Zealand: Calendar times scales based on
14C chronologies and OxCal Models
P 6.6 Kapper K. L., Donadini F., Hirt A. Rock- and archeomagnetic study on central European artifacts for characterizing the geomagnetic field evolution during mid-Holocene
P 6.7 Khaksar K., Haghighi S. Correlation between Quaternary stratigraphy units in different Geological zones of Iran
P 6.8 Kocher M., Akçar N., Schlüchter C. Cosmogenic dating of unconsolidated sediments on Piz Starlex (at >3000m, Swiss-Italian border area)
P 6.9 Kremer K., Marillier F., Girardclos S. History of mass movements deposits in deep Lake Geneva during the last 3000 years
P 6.10 Leith K., Moore J.R., Sternai P., Ivy-Ochs S., Herman F., Loew S. A multidisciplinary approach to the reconstruction of a Lateglacial stadial in Canton Valais, Switzerland
P 6.11 Mohammadi A, Lak R, Burg J-P Sedimentology and sediment geochemistry of the Oman Gulf and Hormoz Strait coastal plain, SE Iran
P 6.12 Prizomwala S.P., Bhatt N., Castelltort S., Hirt A.M., Winkler W. Mudflats of Gulf of Kachchh Coast: Archives of Sea Level Fluctuations and Palaeo-environmental Change since Mid Holocene
P 6.13 Reber R., Akçar N., Ivy-Ochs S, Kubik P.W., Schlüchter C. Maximal position and retreat phase of the Reuss-Piedmont Lobe during the LGM
P 6.14 Wiemann Ph. Understanding site manipulation and destruction in prehistoric lake-dwellings
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Session 8: Hydrology and Sustainable Water Resources Management in View of Global Changes
Room ML F 39

Convenors: Bruno Schädler, Michael Doering, Tobias Jonas, Petra Schmocker-Fackel

Session I: "Groundwater - Surface Waters Interactions"
Chair: Petra Schmocker-Fackel
09:00-09:20 Brunner  P., Irvine D., Hendricks Franssen H., Simmons Craig T. Implications of simplifying heterogeneous streambeds in models simulating surface water groundwater interactions
09:20-09:40 Käser D., Brunner  P., Renard P., Perrochet P., Schirmer M.,
Hunkeler D.
How long can groundwater sustain stream flow  during droughts? The influence of stream sinuosity on bank storage in alluvial plains
09:40-10:00 Moeck C., Brunner P., Schirmer M., Hunkeler D., Using high resolution lysimeter data to quantified current and future recharge rates and evaluating the uncertainty
10:00-10:20 Mori N., Kanduc, T., Oz B.,
Brancelj A.
Identifying ecological indicators for the alpine groundwaters in the context of future climate change: the interdisciplinary approach
10:20-11:00 Morning Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Michael Doering
11:00-11:20 Bodmer P., Doering M., von Fumetti S., Robinson C.T., Nagel P. Respiration and microbial dynamics as indicators of floodplain heterogeneity: the alpine Urbach valley, Switzerland
11:20-11:40 Malard A.,Vouillamoz J., Jeannin P.-Y., Eichenberger U., Weber E. Karst system characterization (KARSYS): a methodology for approaching the hydrogeology of karst systems in Switzerland (Swisskarst Project, NRP61)
11:40-12:00 Finger D., Kauzlaric M., Jeannin P.-Y., Huss M., Wernli H.R., Schädler B., Rey E., Weber E., Hugentobler A. & Weingartner R. Identification Of Glacier Melt Routing Path Ways In A Karstic Environment: A Case Study Of The Glacier De La Plaine Morte
12:00-12:45 Lunch
12:45 - 13:30 General Assembly of the Swiss Society for Hydrology and Limnology
13:30-14:15 Hydrobiology-Limnology Award (Chair: Reinhard Bachofen)
Session II: "Hydrology and Water Resources Management"
Chair: Tobias Jonas
14:20-14:40 Celio, M. Water management and allocation in semi-arid areas: lessons from Hyderabad water supply, India
14:40-15:00 Rössler, O., Diekkrüger, B., Löffler, J. A Climate Change Impact Assessment Study on Mountain Soil Moisture with Emphasis on  Epistemic Uncertainties
15:00-15:30 Afternoon Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Tobias Jonas
15:30-15:50 von Gunten D., Schaefli B. Modelling of Evaporation in high Alpine Catchments
15:50-16:10 Sideris I., Gabella M., Germann U. Real-time spatiotemporal combination of radar and raingauge measurements in Switzerland
16:10-16:30 Zappa M., Fundel F., Jonas T., Jörg-Hess S. Quasi-operational estimation of water resources anomalies during the dry and wet spells of 2011
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Posters Session 8:
Room NO D-floor – Focus Terra

P 8.1 Baillieux A., Moeck C., Hunkeler D. Effect of climatic forcing in nitrate concentration evolution of groundwater based on changing recharge rates
P 8.2 Diem S., Schirmer M. Impact of the uncertainty in river water levels on modeled groundwater residence times
P 8.3 Farinotti D., Usselmann S., Huss M., Bauder A., Funk M. Hydrological changes in glacierized basins of the Swiss Alps: First attempt of a synthesis
P 8.4 Hänggi P., Bosshard Th., Angehrn S., Helland E., Job D., Rietmann D., Schädler B., Schneider R., Weingartner R. Einfluss der Klimaänderung auf die Stromproduktion der Wasserkraftwerke Löntsch und Prättigau
P 8.5 Oz B., Mori N., Brancelj A. Hydrogeological, physical and chemical differences influencing benthic macroinvertebrate communities in alpine springs of Slovenia
P 8.6 Vouillamoz J., Malard A., Weber E., Eichenberger U., Jeannin P-Y. Swisskarst project (NRP61): Identification cards as tools for a sustainable management of karst systems.
P 8.7 Wirth S. B., Gilli A., Glur L., Anselmetti F. S., Magny M., Vannière B. Reconstructing the seasonality of Holocene flood events using varved lake sediments of Lake Ledro (S-Alps, Italy)
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Session 9: Open Cryosphere Session
Room NO C 6

Convenors: A. Bauder, M. Hoelzle, B. Krummenacher, C. Lambiel, M. Lüthi, J. Nötzli, J. Schweizer, M. Schwikowski

Chair: Martin Luthi
09:00-10:00 All Poster Authors

Short poster presentations, 3min. each (see poster program below)

10:00-11:00 Morning Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Charles Fierz:
11:15-11:30 Zwimpfer F., Mitterer C., Reiweger I., Schweizer J., Dual J. Failure of wet snow
11:30-11:45 Schmid M., Gubler S., Fiddes J., Keller M., Gruber S. Using miniature temperature loggers for the analysis of snow cover distribution and melting
11:45-12:00 Dalban Canassy P., Funk M. Study of the retreat of a lake-calving glacier terminus, Triftgletscher (Switzerland).
12:00-14:00 Lunch
Chair: Martin Hoelzle
14:00-14:15 Ryser C., Lüthi M., Funk M., Catania G., Hawley R., Neumann T. Subglacial controls of the short term dynamics at the margins of the Greenland ice sheet: Interaction between subglacial water pressure and ice deformation
14:15-14:30 Herren P-A., Eichler A., Eikenberg J., Machguth H., Papina T., Tobler L., Vogel E., Zapf A., Schwikowski M. Ice core based climate reconstruction of the Mongolian Altai
14:30-14:45 Zapf A., Szidat S., Schwikowski, M. Radiocarbon dating of glacier ice
14:45-15:00 Faillettaz J., Funk M., Sornette D. Prediction of alpine glacier sliding instabilities: a new hope
15:20-15:50 Afternoon Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Jeanette Nötzli
16:00-16:15 SEP Young Scientist Awards
16:15-16:30 Paul F., Frey H., Le Bris R., Linsbauer A., Haeberli, W. Recent glacier changes in the Alps in response to atmospheric warming: Observations and consequences
16:30-16:45 Gruber S. Derivation and analysis of a high-resolution estimate of global permafrost zonation
16:45-17:00 Walter, F., Husen, S., Clinton, J., Lüthi, M., Ryser, C., Funk, M. Seismological experiments on the Greenland ice sheet
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Posters Session 9:
Room NO D-floor – Focus Terra

09:00-09:03 9.1: Köchle B., Schneebeli M. Numerical simulation of the Young's Modulus of snow
09:03-09:06 9.2: Monti F., Schweizer J. Stability information supplied by the snow cover model SNOWPACK
09:06-09:09 9.3: Schmid L., Mitterer C., Schweizer J., Heilig A., Eisen O., Okorn R. Monitoring temporal changes within the snowpack utilizing upward-looking radar systems
09:09-09:12 9.4: Alig C., Mitterer C., Schweizer J. On the reliability of indicator path avalanches for local avalanche forecasting
09:12-09:15 9.5: Sanders, J. W., Cuffey, K. M., MacGregor, K. R. Short-term velocity variations of an alpine cirque glacier
09:15-09:18 9.6: Gabbi J., Farinotti D., Bauder A., Maurer H. Ice volume distribution in the Mauvoisin region and implications on glacier fluctuations
09:18-09:21 9.7: Huss M., Farinotti D. Ice thickness distribution of 90’000 mountain glaciers around the globe using the GLIMS database and SRTM/ASTER DEMs
09:21-09:24 9.8: Gärtner-Roer, I., Zemp, M., Koblet, T., Jansson, P., Thee, P., Haeberli, W., Holmlund, P. “Old-fashioned” photogrammetric analyses – still a key tool for the reassessment of long-term glacier changes: examples from Storglaciären, Sweden
09:24-09:27 9.9: Gärtner-Roer, I., Armstrong, R., Fetterer, F., Haeberli, W., Hoelzle, M., Kääb, A., Kargel, J., Nussbaumer, S.U., Paul, F., Raup, B.H., Zemp, M. Integration of glacier databases within the Global Terrestrial Network for Glaciers (GTN-G)
09:28-09:30 9.10: Zemp, M., Haeberli, W., Huss., M., Joerg, P.C., Machguth, H., Morsdorf, F., Rastner, P., Schaepman, M.E. Glacier Laser-scanning Experiment Oberwallis: project overview and first results
09:30-09:33 9.11: Rastner P., Bolch T., Paul, F. The first complete inventory of glaciers and ice caps for Eastern Greenland
09:33-09:36 9.12: Bolch T., Chen F., Wei Y., Kang, S., Linsbauer, A. Past and future glacier changes in the western Nyainqentanglha Range on the Tibetan Plateau
09:36-09:39 9.13: Machguth H., Salzmann N., Linsbauer A. The Swiss Alpine Glacier’s Response to the “2 °C Air Temperature Target”
09:39-09:42 9.14: Endrizzi S., Gruber S. Effects of subsurface lateral water flow on soil thaw
09:42-09:45 9.15: Morard S., Delaloye R. Thermal changes in ventilated overcooled talus slope: a mutli-methodological approach

9.16: Wirz V., Beutel J., Buchli. B., Gruber S., Limpach P., Zhenzhong, S.

Temporal characteristics of various cryosphere-related slope movements in high mountains: GPS measurements and analysis
09:48-09:51 9.17: Schneider S., Hauck C. Geophysical monitoring of three different permafrost forms within the Murtèl-Corvatsch area, Upper Engadin
09:51-09:54 9.18: Scherler M., Hauck C., Hoelzle M., Salzmann N. Projection of permafrost evolution under climate change scenarios and evaluation of sensitive influencing factors
09:54-09:57 9.19: Wendl, I., Isaksson, E., Schwikowski, M. Study of a new Svalbard ice core
09:57-10:00 9.20: Nuber A., Rabenstein L., Lehmann-Horn J. A. Surface nuclear magnetic resonance tomography on a first-year sea ice pressure ridge
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Session 10: Meteorology and Climatology
+ Session 11: Greenhouse Gases: Linkages between Biosphere and Climate
Room ML H 41.1

Convenors: Rolf Philipona, Markus Furger + Werner Eugster, Christoph Ritz

Chair: Rolf Philipona
09:00-09:20 Graf M., Sprenger M., Hofmann H., Seibt C., Lohmann U. Numerical simulations of short-crested surface waves for a pre-Alpine lake using the SWAN wave model
09:20-09:40 Leutwyler D., Martius O., Folini D., Sprenger M., Wernli H. Heavy precipitation events in Europe and their connection to an upper-level stratospheric intrusion
09:40-10:00 Kräuchi A., Philipona R., Romanens G., Levrat G. New balloon sounding technic used to investigate the radiation error on radiosonde temperature measurements
10:00-10:20 Philipona R., Kräuchi A., Romanens G., Levrat G. Radiation errors and uncertainty on radiosonde upper air temperature measurements
10:20-11:00 Morning Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Werner Eugster
11:00-11:20 Weibel B., Liniger M., Appenzeller C. NCCR Climate related research at MeteoSwiss - The Swiss climate of today and tomorrow
11:20-11:40 Hiller R., Neininger B., Brunner D., Künzle T.,  Regional scale methane emissions derived from concentration gradient measurements along the Reuss Valley, Switzerland
11:40-12:00 Schaller N., Cermak J., Knutti R., Wild M. The response of the hydrological cycle to different forcing agents
12:00-12:20 Zieger P. ACP Award 2011 Winner: Effects of relative humidity on aerosol light scattering
12:20-13:00 Mitgliederversammlung der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Meteorolgie (SGM)
13:00-14:00 Lunch
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Posters Session 10+11:
Room NO D-floor – Focus Terra

P 10.1 Lustenberger A., Knutti R., Fischer E. A simple statistical model for estimating exceedance probabilities in a future climate
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Session 12: Natural or man-made mineral dust and its influence on humans, environment and climate
Room NO E 11

Convenors: Bernard Grobety, Reto Gieré, Barbara Kuhn, Nino Künzli, Urs Baltensperger

Chair: Barbara Kuhn
09:00-09:20 Sodemann, H., Lai, M., Knippertz, P, Wernli, H., Stohl, A. Validation of a Lagrangian dust transport model with data from the FENNEC/LADUNEX fieldcampaign
09:20-09:40 Stetzer O., Welti A., Lüönd F., Ladino L., Lohmann U. The role of mineral dust particles and their surface properties for clouds
09:40-10:00 Sommer F., Gieré R., Dietze V. Analysis of re-suspended ash from the Eyjafjallajökull
10:00-11:00 Morning Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Reto Giéré
11:00-11:20 Kuhn B.K. Dust analysis in human lungs
11:20-11:40 Wenzel M., Ebeling S., Merfort I., Dietze V., Gieré R. Tire-wear particles and their effects on human A549 lung cells
11:40-12:00 Maschowski Ch., Trouvé G., Gieré R. Characterization of two different biomass pellets and their combustion products
12:00-14:00 Lunch
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Posters Session 12:
Room NO D-floor – Focus Terra

P 12.1 Mariani I., Sigl M., Eichler A., Gabrieli J., Bolius D., Barbante C., Boutron C., Gäggeler H. W., Schwikowski M. A 1000-year record of Sahara dust from an Alpine ice core
P 12.2 Rahimzad, N., Mohammadi, A., Lak R. Sediments size characteristic of Sistan plain and Hamoon lakes as an important source of dust production in the world and adverse health effects of air pollution
P 12.3 Spiegel J.K., Peter T., Mayol-Bracero O.L., Valle C.J., Zurcher F., Buchmann N., Eugster W. Does long-range transported African Dust affect cloud droplet size distributions in a Tropical Montane Cloud Forest in Puerto Rico?
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Session 13: Phenology and Seasonality
Room NO E 39

Convenors: This Rutishauser, Martine Rebetez, Thomas Herren

Chair: This Rutishauser
09:00-09:30 Rutishauser T. Geschäftssitzung der Kommission für Phänologie und Saisonalität KPS
09:30-09:50 Eugster M. Phenocam@school
10:00-10:30 Morning Poster Session with coffee
Symposium zu Ehren von Claudio Defila und François Jeanneret
Chair: Martine Rebetez
10:30–10:40 Rebetez M. Welcome and introduction
10:40–11:10 Koch E. Die Schweizer Phänologie in Europa
11:10–11:30 Herren T. Claudio Defila: Trends und Stetigkeiten
11:30–11:50 Rutishauser T. François Jeanneret: Dokumentieren und beleben – Den Rhythmen lauschen
11:50–12:00 Güsewell S., Rixen C. Verleihung des «Schweizer Preises für Phänologie und Saisonalitätsforschung»
12:00-14:00 Lunch
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Posters Session 13:
Room NO D-floor – Focus Terra

P 13.1 Gewinnerin «Schweizer Preises für Phänologie und Saisonalitätsforschung» 
P 13.2 Gewinnerin «Schweizer Preises für Phänologie und Saisonalitätsforschung» 
P 13.3 Rutishauser, T Developing a web-based plant phenological database, data collection and visualisation tool in Switzerland
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Session 14: Traces of life on planet Earth: A tribute to the late Professor Lukas Hottinger
Room ML F 38

Convenors: Lionel Cavin, Michael Hautmann

09:15-09:20 Meyer C. Tribute to the late Professor Lukas Hottinger (1933-2011)
Chair: Lionel Cavin
09:20-09:40 Hofmann R., Hautmann M., Bucher H. Ecological structure and taxa distribution in near shore habitats of the Virgin Formation (south-western Utah): Implications for the Early Triassic recovery
09:40-10:00 Romano C., Brinkmann W., Goudemand N., Vennemann T., Ware D., Hermann E., Brühwiler T., Bucher H. Recovery Patterns of Chondrichthyan and Osteichthyan Fishes after the end-Permian Mass Extinction
10:00-10:20 Schneebeli-Hermann Elke, Hochuli Peter A., Kürschner Wolfram M., Bucher Hugo Terrestrial ecosystems during and following the end-Permian mass extinction – or from spore spike to spore spike
10:20-11:00 Morning Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Michael Hautmann
11:00-11:20 Ware D., Bucher H., Goudemand N., Orchard M., Hermann E., Hochuli P.A., Brühwiler T., Krystyn L., Roohi G. Nammal Nala (Salt Range, Pakistan), a potential GSSP candidate for the Induan/Olenekian Boundary (Early Triassic): detailed biostratigraphy and comparison with other GSSP candidates
11:20-11:40 Meister P.H. Was the Triassic a plumeworld?
11:40-12:00 Mennecart B. Was Europe an evolutionary DEAD END? Case of the Oligocene-Early Miocene ruminants.
12:00-12:20 Geiger, M., Wilson, L. A. B., Costeur, L., Scheyer, T. M., Aguilera, O. A., Sánchez-Villagra, M. R. Giant rodents from the northern Neotropics - taxonomic, phylogenetic and developmental aspects of their evolution within the caviomorph radiation
12:20-14:00 Lunch
Chair: Damien Becker
14:00-14:20 Scherler, L. Paleobiogeographic and paleoecological considerations on European Anthracotheriidae (Cetartiodactyla, Mammalia)
14:20-14:40 Mary Y., Knappertsbusch M. Biogeographic morphological investigation of menardiform globorotalids in a time slice at 3.2 My (Mid-Pliocene)
14:40-15:00 Kolb, C. Growth patterns deduced from bone histology of the dwarfed island deer Candiacervus from the Late Pleistocene of Crete
15:00-15:20 Hiard F., Mennecart B., Berger J.-P. Palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the Swiss Molasse Basin (Oligocene and Early Miocene) on the basis of postcranial remains of ruminants (Artiodactyla, Mammalia)
15:20-16:00 Afternoon Poster Session with coffee
      Chair: Jean-Pierre Berger
16:00-16:20 Swiss Commission of Palaeontology Prize
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Posters Session 14:
Room NO D-floor – Focus Terra

P 14.1 Costeur L., Domenici P., Ezquerra R., Rousseau M., Antognarelli F., Satta A., Simeone S., Pérez-Lorente F. A Cretaceous fish takes a fast start: insights from a recent analogue
P 14.2 Costeur L., Berthet D. A new skull of Tapirulus from the Late Eocene of France
P 14.3 Horath Th. D., Bachofen R., Neu Th.R., Strasser R. J. Endolithic microorganisms in Piora Dolomite
P 14.4 Knappertsbusch, M., Mary, Y. Mining morphological evolution in microfossils using volume density diagrams
P 14.5 Knappertsbusch, M., Mary, Y., Schorpp, R. AMOR does it for us
P 14.6 Och L., Shields-Zhou G.A. The Neoproterozoic Oxygenation Event: environmental perturbations and biogeochemical cycling
P 14.7 Pictet, A. The Exogyra aquila Marls (Lower Aptian) on the Vivarais platform (Ardèche, France) : Sedimentology, stratigraphy, and biostratigraphy
P 14.8 Thomas C., Vuillemin A., Pacton M., Waldmann N., Ariztegui D. Pushing life to the extreme: Investigating the subsurface biosphere in the Dead Sea Basin
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Session 15: Geoscience and Geoinformation - From data acquisition to modelling and visualisation
Room ML E 12

Convenors: Nils Oesterling, Adrian Wiget, Massimiliano Cannata

Chair: Adrian Wiget
09:00-09:20 Novak D., Grimm D. E., Tokarczyk P. Modeling of the “Plan da Mattun” archeological site using a combination of different sensors. (Download Presentation 6.2 Mb)
09:20-09:40 Rogers, S., Collet, C., Lugon, R. Determining archaeological potential in the Pennine Alps using GIS tools (Download Presentation 6.0 Mb)
09:40-10:00 Strasky S., Oesterling N., Baland P., Michael C.S., Kühni A. The Swiss Geologic Data Model (Download Presentation 9.4 Mb)
10:00-11:00 Morning Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Nils Oesterling
11:00-11:20 Cannata M., Marzocchi R., Molinari M. GIS-based modeling for landslide-generated tsunami
(Download Presentation 4.7 Mb)
11:20-11:40 Molinari M., Cannata M., Ambrosi C., Begueria S. Numerical modelling for risk scenarios generation
(Download Presentation 4.0 Mb)
11:40-12:00 Friedel, S. Earth modeling seen from a Multiphysics Perspective
12:00-13:40 Lunch
Chair: Nils Oesterling
13:40-14:00 Antonovic M., Cannata M., Molinari M. Protect-Me: web service for protection work catalogue
(Download Presentation 2.1 Mb)
14:00-14:20 Antonovic M., Cannata M. Managing authentication and permissions to OGC services with GeoShield: presenting the new GeoServer Resource Access Manager plug-in and the Sensor Observation Service protection. (Download Presentation 1.0 Mb)
14:20-14:40 Kessler, H., Mathers, S., Wood, B. Building the National Geological Model of Great Britain
(Download Presentation 1.8 Mb)
14:40-15:00 Michael C. S., Baumberger R., Oesterling N. Geological 3D modelling of Quaternary sequences using GSI3D – an example of the surroundings of Berne. (Download Presentation 2.3 Mb)
15:00-16:00 Afternoon Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Massimilliano Cannata
16:00-16:20 Dresmann H., Huggenberger P., Epting J., Wiesmeier S., Scheidler S. The geological 3D-model of the Basel region – new insights.
(Download Presentation 4.4 Mb)
16:20-16:40 Sala P., Tisato N., Pfiffner O. A., Saenger E. H. Vp-Vs measurements of shallow formations in Chémery (FR): comparison between laboratory and field data and integration within a 3D geological model.
(Download Presentation 3.3 Mb)
16:40-17:00 Khemiri S., Kassebi A., Zargouni F. Provision of 3D GIS (model GMS) for geospatial hydrogeologic modeling of Mio-Plio-Quaternary groundwater of Foussana (Central Tunisia)
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Session 16: Earth System Science related Earth Observation
+ Session 18: Advances in GIScience and Remote Sensing
Room ML F 34

Convenors (16): Michael E. Schaepman, Brigitte Buchmann, Manos Baltsavias
+ Convenors (18): Michael Schaepman, Robert Weibel, Ross Purves, Markus Rothacher, Konrad Schindler

Earth System Science related Earth Observation (16)
Chair: Manos Baltsavias
08:30-09:00 Damm A., Kneubuehler M., Schaepman M.E. Investigating variations of gross primary productivity (GPP) over several ecotypes in Switzerland using the APEX chlorophyll fluorescence product
09:00-09:20 Hüsler F., Wunderle S., Jonas T., Neuhaus C. Retrieval of the ECV „snow spatial extent“ from 25 years of AVHRR data over the European Alps for climate research
09:20-09:40 Fontana F., Seiz G., Foppa N., Lugrin D. Satellite-based climate products for alpine studies within GCOS Switzerland
09:40-10:00 Papasaika H., Baltsavias E., Schindler K. Fusion of Digital Elevation Models Using Sparse Representations
10:00-11:00 Poster Session 16 with coffee
Chair: Brigitte Buchmann
11:00-11:30 Pasquali P., Riccardi P., Cantone A., Defilippi M., Holecz F. Methods and sensors for monitoring land subsidence phenomena based on satellite SAR interferometric stacking
11:30-11:50 Popp C., Brunner D., Damm A., Buchmann B. High spatial resolution mapping of NO2 from APEX imaging spectrometer data
11:50-12:10 Laurent V., Verhoef W., Clevers J., Schaepman M. Estimation of forest variables from multiangular radiance data using a coupled canopy-atmosphere model
12:10-13:40 Lunch
Advances in GIS and Remote Sensing (18)
    Chair: Ross Purves
13:40-14:10 Demir N., Baltsavias E. Automated modelling of 3D building roofs using LIDAR and image data
14:10-14:30 Breschan J., Heinimann H. R., Niederhuber M. Automatic identification of forest treatment units using LiDAR-data
14:30-14:50 Waser, L.T., Ginzler, C, and Kuechler, M. Large-Area Tree Species Classification – Potential And Limits Of Airborne Digital Sensor (Ads40/80)
14:50-16:00 Poster Session 18 with coffee
Chair: Michael Schaepman
16:00-16:20 Derungs C., Purves R. Identifying and disambiguating toponyms
16:20-16:40 Leinß S., Hajnsek I. Sensitivity of X-band SAR interferometry on the snow pack characterisation
16:40-17:00 Henke D., Meier E. Initial results of a low-frequency 3D-SAR approach for mapping glacier volumes
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Posters Session 16+18:
Room NO D-floor – Focus Terra

  Poster Session 16  
P 16.1 Fatehi P., Damm A., Kneubuhler M., Schaepman M. Ecosystem parameter mapping of Alpine regions using continuous fields derived from imaging spectrometer data
P 16.2 Galvez P., Ampuero J.-P, Dalguer T., Nissen-Meyer T. Modeling the complexity of the dynamic rupture process of the 2011 Mw 9 Tohoku earthquake.
P 16.3 Hocke, K., Kämpfer, N., Wacker, S., Gröbner, J., Vuilleumier, L. Consistent Trends in Water Vapour, Downwelling Radiation, and Temperature
P 16.4 Homolova L., Malenovsky Z., Schaepman M., Clevers J. Estimation of plant functional biochemical traits of subalpine and alpine grasslands from airborne images of high spatial and spectral resolution
P 16.5 Small D., Schubert A., Zuberbühler L., Meier E. Time series of radar backscatter:  Moving towards simultaneous high temporal & spatial resolution observations of Alpine snow melting
P 16.6 Tuia, D., Verrelst, J., Alonso-Chordà, L., Camps-Valls, G. Acquiring the relevant samples for chlorophyll estimation with hyperspectral data
Poster Session 18  
P 18.1 D'Odorico P., Hueni A., Jehle M., Schaepman M. Recent efforts on APEX Calibration and Validation
P 18.2 de Jong R., Verbesselt J., Schaepman M.E., de Bruin S. Short-term variability within long-term trends in global vegetation activity
P 18.3 Saurer O., Baatz G., Köser K., Pollefeys M. Visual Localization Recognition and Photo-to-Terrain-Alignment in Mountainous Areas
P 18.4 Schubert A., Small D., Jehle M., Meier E. Long-term geolocation accuracy of TerraSAR-X high-resolution spotlight products
P 18.5 Torabzadeh H., Morsdorf F., Schaepman M. Data fusion methods of LiDAR and spectroscopy data for the derivation of forest biochemical and biophysical variables – a review
P 18.6 Weyermann J., Damm A., Kneubühler M., Schaepman M. Ross-Li BRDF correction of airborne imaging spectroscopy data for improved continuous field map generation in the Swiss National Park
P 18.7 Yáñez-Rausell L., Malenovsky Z., Schaepman M. Influence of gap fraction on coniferous needle optical properties measurements
P 18.8 Mulder V.L., de Bruin S., Schaepman M.E. Towards spectroscopic modelling of composite mineralogy
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Session 17: Synergies between Advancements in Geodesy and other Geosciences
Room ML H 41.1

Convenors: Markus Rothacher, Urs Marti, Pierre Yves Gilliéron, Rolf Dach

12:00-13:40 Lunch
Chair: Markus Rothacher
13:40-14:00 Brockmann E., Schlatter A. Station velocities in Switzerland derived from 20 years of geodetic satellite navigation observations
14:00-14:20 Salvini D., Studer M., Müller H., Spillmann T., Schnellmann M., Brockmann E. Ein permanentes GNSS-Netz zur Aufzeichnung tektonischer Bewegungen In der Nordschweiz
14:20-14:40 Buchli B., Sutton F., Beutel J. GPS-equipped wireless sensor network for geodetic positioning applications
14:40-15:00 Wang K., Rothacher M. Positioning improvements with stochastic clock modelling
15:00-16:00 Afternoon Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Urs Marti
16:00-16:20 Hurter F., Geiger A., Perler D. Geodetic water vapor monitoring campaign in Zermatt, summer 2010
16:20-16:40 Dach R., Jäggi A., Schmid R., Lutz S., Steigenberger P., Beutler G. Impact of troposphere modelling on GNSS satellite antenna PCV estimation
16:40-17:00 Jäggi A., Meyer U., Prange L., Bock H., Dach R., Beutler G. Gravity Field Determination at AIUB: From CHAMP and GRACE to GOCE
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Posters Session 17:
Room NO D-floor – Focus Terra

P 17.1 Villiger A., Geiger A., Marti U., Brockmann E. SWISS 4D: Estimation of the tectonic deformation field of Switzerland based on GPS measurements
P 17.2 Limpach P., Geiger A., Beutel J., Buchli B., Wirz V., Gruber S. Permanent monitoring of rock glaciers with low-cost GPS
P 17.3 Neyer F., Delaloye R. Displacement detection on rock glaciers using webcam images: A case study in the Mattertal
P 17.4 Su Zhenzhong, Limpach P., Rothacher M., Geiger A. Improving sub-daily solutions of single-frequency GPS using antenna PCV
P 17.5 Zhang Y., Song S., Dalguer L., Clinton J., Haberling S. Investigating the reliability of kinematic source inversion with dynamic rupture models and high rate GNSS data
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Session 20: Deep Geothermal Energy
Room ML F 36

Convenors: Keith Evans, Nicolas Deichmann, Christoph Heinrich

Chairpersons: Christoph Heinrich, Nicolas Deichmann and Keith Evans
09:00-09:05 Welcome Address  
09:05-09:15 Rybach L. Introduction: Status and prospects of deep geothermal energy, globally and in Switzerland
09:15-09:35 Siddiqi G. Bringing Switzerland’s geothermal resources to market – technological, economic and institutional challenges
09:35-09:55 Schill E., Fisch, H., Uhde, J. Deep geothermal systems – advantages and limitations of using natural permeability
09:55-10:15 Keith Evans Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) – experience to date and lessons learned
10:15-10:40 Jung, R. (Keynote) Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) – the way forward
10:40-11:10 Morning Poster Session with coffee
Chairpersons: Christoph Heinrich, Nicolas Deichmann and Keith Evans
11:10-11:30 Deichmann N., Wiemer S. EGS and induced seismicity — the good and the bad
11:30-11:50 Driesner T., Jenny P. Process simulation – understanding and judging geothermal reservoir processes
11:50-12:10 Gerber L., Maréchal F. Efficient conversion of geothermal resources for multiple energy uses
12:10-12:30 Meier P., Burri P. Key success factors for Enhanced Geothermal Systems
12:30-14:00 Lunch
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Posters Session 20:
Room NO D-floor – Focus Terra

P 20.1 Evans, K.F., Zappone, A., Kraft. T., Deichmann, N., Moia, F. A survey of the induced seismic responses to fluid injection in  geothermal and CO2 reservoirs in Europe
P 20.2 Goertz-Allmann B. P., Bachmann C., Wiemer S. What can induced earthquake source properties tell us about reservoir geomechanics?
P 20.3 Kraft T., Husen S., Wiemer S. GEOBEST - A contribution to the long term development of deep geothermal energy in Switzerland
P 20.4 Schoenball M., Baujard C., Kohl T., Dorbath L. Changes of Coulomb Failure Stress due to dislocations during stimulation of well GPK2 in Soultz-sous-Forêts
P 20.5 Sikaneta S.G., Evans K.F. Natural fractures and stress heterogeneity in the host granite of the Basel Deep Heat Mining project
P 20.6 Zerlauth M., Ortner H., Pomella H., Schulz M., Fügenschuh B. Geothermal energy potential of Vorarlberg (Austria)
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Session 21: Geophysics and Rockphysics
Room ML F 36

Convenor: Marcel Frehner

Chair: Klaus Holliger
14:00-14:15 van Dinther Y., Gerya T.V., Corbi F., Funiciello F., Mai P.M., Dalguer L.A. The long-term seismic cycle at subduction thrusts: Benchmarking geodynamic numerical simulations and analogue models
14:15-14:30 Gabriel A.-A., Ampuero J.-P., Dalguer L.A., Mai P.M. Macroscopic source properties from dynamic rupture simulations in plastic media
14:30-14:45 Riahi N., Birkelo B., Saenger E.H. A statistical approach to ambient wave field analysis
14:45-15:00 Quintal B., Steeb H., Frehner M., Schmalholz S.M. S-wave attenuation due to wave-induced fluid flow in heterogeneous, partially saturated porous media
15:00-16:00 Afternoon Poster Session with coffee
Chair: Marcel Frehner
16:00-16:15 Madonna C., Almqvist B.S.G., Saenger E.H. Digital rock physics: Numerical prediction of pressure-dependent ultrasonic velocities using micro-CT imaging
16:15-16:30 Saenger E.H., Enzmann F., Keehm Y., Steeb H. Digital rock physics: Effect of fluid viscosity on effective elastic properties
16:30-16:45 Girard L., Gruber S., Weber S., Amitrano D. Rock damage inferred from acoustic emissions in a partly frozen high-alpine rock-wall
16:45-17:00 Kuteynikova M., Quintal B., Tisato N. Numerical modelling and laboratory measurements of seismic attenuation
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Posters Session 21:
Room NO D-floor – Focus Terra

P 21.1 Abdelfettah Y., Schill E. Accurate gravity data correction and 3D gravity forward modeling
P 21.2 Almqvist B.S.G., Aschwanden L., Diamond L., Ramseyer K., Zappone A. Characterization of the Upper Muschelkalk aquifer in northeast Switzerland using laboratory physical properties and imaging techniques
P 21.3 Baumann C.F.D., Dalguer L.A. Toward source characterization of local supershear ruptures in dip-slip faults
P 21.4 Benson P., Heap M., Lavallée Y., Flaws A., Hess K., Cordonnier B., Misra S. Laboratory simulations of tensile (hydro) fracture: Current work and new directions
P 21.5 Frehner M., Quintal B. Physical mechanisms for low-frequency seismic wave attenuation in fractured media
P 21.6 Khaksar K., Rahmati M. Rock classification based on physico-mechanical analysis - Case study: Poshtkuh Basin, Alborze Region - Iran
P 21.7 Madonna C., Tisato N., Saenger E.H. Low-frequency measurements of seismic wave attenuation
P 21.8 (see 20.4) Schoenball M., Baujard C., Kohl T., Dorbath L. Changes of Coulomb Failure Stress due to dislocations during stimulation of GPK2 at Soultz-sous-Forêts
P 21.9 Tisato N., Madonna C., Saenger E.H. Measurements and mechanisms of seismic wave attenuation in partially saturated rocks
P 21.10 Zappone A., Bruijn R., Tripoli B., Biedermann A.R., Burg J.-P., Kissling E. The Swiss Atlas of Physical Properties of Rocks (SAPHYR): Progress and developments
P 21.11 Zappone A., Diamond L., Almqvist B., Evans K., Deichmann N., Werner M., Mazzotti M. Carma – Carbon Management in Power Generation: Geological CO2 storage in Switzerland
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Meetings of Societies on Friday 11th November

Time   Room
11:30-12:45 SNC-IUGG: Annual Meeting 2011 NO D 53

Meetings of Societies on Saturday 12th November

Time   Room
12:20-13:00 Mitgliederversammlung der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Meteorolgie (SGM) ML H 41.1
12:45-13:30 General Assembly of the Swiss Society for Hydrology and Limnology ML F 39
09:00-09:30 Geschäftssitzung der Kommission für Phänologie und Saisonalität KPS NO E 39
17:15-18:00 Generalversammlung Verein «Erlebnis Geologie» NO D 45
12:45-13:45 General Assembly of the Swiss Society of Mineralogy and Petrology ML H 44